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The Raygun Girls

The Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock group that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Killing Joke and Static X.
Created as a studio only group in 2004, the band focused on having male and female vocals over a bed of crunching guitars and danceable, but aggressive beats.

A live version of the band was quickly created to bring the album, Mars Eclipsing, to the stage.  In 2007, while touring along the East Coast in support of the release The Ones I Denied, The Raygun Girls were picked up by Indie Metal label, KillZone Records.

By 2007, with member changes, and production help, The Raygun Girls’ sound had matured into crushing guitar melodies with memorable sing-along lyrics.  Dirt Collector was released through KillZone Records in 2009.

As 2011 approached, a new version of The Raygun Girls was working on the writing process for what would become The Taker– a culmination of 8 years of touring, living and dying.

COMA Music Magazine

Review of "The Taker" by Mary Bauer

"New York band, The Raygun Girls, are back with a new album and they prove that sometimes an underground band should stay just that; an underground band. And I mean that in a good way...
But, if you are looking for something new and opened minded enough to step outside your comfort zone, you may find yourself happily surprised with what you hear....
I found myself needing to listen to it again, and I’m glad I did...

With the music business landscape changing, and more and more bands forging on independently, hopefully acts like The Raygun Girls can continue in the underground while simultaneously finding commercial success."

Releases by The Raygun Girls

The Raygun Girls

The 2013 full length self-titled album. The soundtrack to the Revoltuion of the Future!

The Taker

“This album is truly the ultimate Raygun Girls album,” says Geoff, founder and main songwriter of The Raygun Girls. The Taker has songs that harken back to the Industrial/Goth days of Mars Eclipsing, as well as Heavy songs that draw from the days of the Dirt Collector.  “Every member that has been through The Raygun... (read more)

Dirt Collector

The Raygun Girls 2009 release.  A return for the band to guitar driven rock with Gothic undertones and Industrial edge.