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Plague Music

Independent netlabel specializing in dark electronic and metal


The name “jazzsequence” is a juxtaposition of two opposing ideas. Jazz, being a style of music, is often characterized by a free-form, improvisational style based on a loose set of rules or forms. The phrase “all that jazz” means “a bunch of unrelated stuff”, a sort of hodge-podge of different ideas or objects. A “sequence” is a mathematical concept wherein numbers or variables are ordered according to the parameters of a specific pattern. It is these two conflicting concepts that inspire the music of jazzsequence — creating order from chaos or, alternately, generating chaos from order.

Punk music and experimental music are intrinsically tied together by an emphasis in the process over the output, and in the early 2000s, jazzsequence began to experiment with taking the fire of punk rock, the conceptual art of experimental music, and the modern thump of electronic, IDM and industrial music to create a sonic experience that was completely unique.

In 2011, he released Wasp — the fourth album under the jazzsequence name — which was a concept album orchestrated to be a soundtrack to the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. Written and produced entirely during the month of February for the RPM Challenge, he did extensive research, jotting down notes and building timelines to create an aural companion to select scenes or periods in the book. The result is his strongest effort yet. Later that year, he formed Plague Music, a netlabel specializing in dark electronic, industrial, gothic and metal, in an effort to collectively promote and help other artists promote and refine their craft, having teamed up with Geoff from The Raygun Girls.

Salt Lake City Weekly | Gavin Sheehan

"...ambient, experimental and industrial music [in] a NIN-type project. [jazzsequence] has been putting out releases for nearly five years...but hasn't really received the kind of exposure you'd think he'd get from fans or even community-radio shows catered to the genre. Earlier this year, he released his third full-length album,Wasp, and has now followed up that with an EP titled WASPREMIX. As you may have gathered from the title, the six tracks are remixes of songs from the main album. If you're into the genre, I strongly suggest you check out more of his work..."

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An experimental, improvisational composition in three movements.

The Signal

The Signal is a project about communication, technology, conspiracy theories and community. UVB-76 is an arcane, shortwave radio frequency based somewhere in Russia that has been broadcasting a steady stream of beeps, blips, buzzes and chirps since the Cold War.  And no one knows what it is (except possibly whoever is broadcasting it).  (Read more about UVB-76: Inside... (read more)


WASPREMIX is a 6-song followup EP to 2011’s Wasp. Featuring remixes by slighter/Colin C., The Raygun Girls and jazzsequence, WASPREMIX pays homage not only to the original tracks, but also to the scenes in the novel that they are meant to depict. [vimeo] [vimeo]


Wasp was recorded during the month of February for the 2011 RPM Challenge. It was written and conceived to be a soundtrack to the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. released 01 March 2011 All music by jazzsequence (Chris Reynolds). Cover art by Erin Reynolds.


this is my first album recorded for the rpm challenge ( i’m pretty excited about that fact. all instrumentation (such as it is) and massive tweakfest created by me, c.s.reynolds. special thanks to my daughter, lilah; had she been sleeping through the night, this album would never have been made. samples used on this cd... (read more)