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The Taker

The Raygun Girls - The Taker
July 26, 2011

“This album is truly the ultimate Raygun Girls album,” says Geoff, founder and main songwriter of The Raygun Girls.

The Taker has songs that harken back to the Industrial/Goth days of Mars Eclipsing, as well as Heavy songs that draw from the days of the Dirt Collector.  “Every member that has been through The Raygun Girls brought something to the table.  Every member helped the band grow.”

With influences as diverse as Johnny Cash and Gojira, even during the quietest of songs, The Taker keeps the energy up and driving.  Every time The Raygun Girls put together an album, all of the songs are considered singles- there’s no filler here.

1. My Dying Life
2. Designated Killer
3. Hellbound
4. Good Grip
5. The Taker
6. Release Me
7. Drag You Down
8. Black Holes
9. Bleed
10. You Will Believe
11. Rain