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Plague Music

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The Fall of Icarus

Necropsyk - The Fall of Icarus

The brutal second full-length release from Necropsyk is, if anything, even harder than last Solstice’s debut The Kings of Zion/The Queens of Gehenna, while still maintaining danceable beats. The Fall of Icarus was mastered at The Recording Lab by Michael Conn and features remixes by Terminal Reactor, Viril Nfectr and Lazarus Black. A deluxe edition, The Hell of Icarus is also available.

1. Calamity Trigger 03:41
2. Subcell System [-TERRANOVA-] 03:17
3. The Fall of Icarus 03:10
4. A Calling Ungodly 03:03
5. Tactikal Reassessment 04:01
6. Lull of Valentine and Valkyrie 03:21
7. Children of the Night 04:01
8. We the Keepers of Fate 04:10
9. The Black Plague 04:06
10. Optivus Callixtus 03:29
11. Rebirth of A Nightmare 02:57
12. Subcell System [-Lazarus RMX-] 04:38
13. Children of Nightmare [Nfektr RMX] 05:00
14. We the Keepers of Fate [Terminal Reactor RMX] 03:34