Plague Music

Plague Music

Independent netlabel specializing in dark electronic and metal


Plague Music started with an idea that came out of the 2011 RPM Challenge.  There are a lot of great musicians that participate in the RPM Challenge.  Not all of them are great mixers or producers.  Not all of them are great marketers or promoters.  Some of them are great at both, but aren’t great networkers or have much access to collaborations with similar musicians.  Starting a netlabel is easy — all you need to do is say “I’m starting a netlabel”, put your stuff online somewhere, and voila! Netlabel.  We wanted to do something a little different.

Plague Music is guided by three main ideas:

First: We are driven by the changing technology in music and music distribution.  We are (and always will be) fiercely independent and we believe that you can be a musician, and get your music heard, without bowing before the labels.

Second:  We know there are a lot of aspiring musicians with no access to good production and mixing technology. This can be the difference between a mediocre demo and a polished release.  We want to help those artists, either by handling the production ourselves or by connecting that artist with another musician with an equal passion for twiddling knobs in a studio.

Third: We want to provide a hub in which musicians are able to connect with like-minded musicians, share their work, collaborate, find band members, organize tours and ultimately take over the world.  One of the great things about RPM is connecting with other musicians through the forums.  One of the problems is, it only lasts one month during which all participants are frantically working to finish their album.  We’d like to have that kind of community as well, only without quite so much insanity.

If you would like to get involved in the netlabel, or become a Plague artist, contact us.  Demos can be submitted via our SoundCloud dropbox.

About the founders

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, aka jazzsequence, is a web designer by day.  He’s been making music independently for many years and has published many observations about the changes in the music industry on his blog,  You can find him on Twitter at @jazzs3quence and behind the helm of @PlagueStudio and you might run into him spinning tunes on

Geoff Saavedra
Geoff founded The Raygun Girls in 2001 and co-produced their first album,  “Mars Eclipsing,” in 2004.  Since then, he’s recorded and co-produced 3 more albums for The Raygun Girls including The Taker, due to release summer 2011.  You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRaygunGirls and @PlagueNetlabel.

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