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The Signal: the new album and Kickstarter project from jazzsequence

I’ve started a Kickstarter project to fund the next jazzsequence album, called The Signal. Where Wasp was a soundtrack to a book, The Signal will be a soundtrack to a phenomenon.

If funded, the album will make use of AudioCubes, by Percussa. AudioCubes are a little hard to describe, so we’ll let electronic artist Mark Mosher demonstrate:

The Kickstarter project is for a set of AudioCubes and will also pay for mastering and production services by Colin C. (who also mixed WASPREMIX) at The Cell Studio. Check out the video below and become a backer to help this album become a reality!

2 Responses to The Signal: the new album and Kickstarter project from jazzsequence

  1. Love the have a copy of their album.. It sounds pretty interesting..

    • @fergusonsarah Be sure and check out the Kickstarter page, then. I’ll be posting project updates there — especially when we get close to the project finish line. Last year for the RPM Challenge, I recorded video blogs about the album progress, & I’ll probably do that again this year.


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